What is Business Central?

Business Central is the best solution for running a small business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ERP system, part of the Microsoft ecosystem, a modern, powerful and at the same time affordable business solution that can be sufficiently flexible and adapted to the needs of the company, and which can grow with it.

Business Central is a comprehensive solution for managing finance, personnel, sales and procurement, which provides an excellent opportunity to easily migrate from accounting programs and legacy ERP systems.

The Microsoft ecosystem is a set of programs that are easily integrated into a single functional whole. The real value lies in the fact that all programs are compatible, perfectly combined with each other, and that they are backed by the largest software manufacturer - Microsoft.

Business Central is the best investment that provides managers and employees of the company with a powerful tool to effectively conduct business, meet the needs of the market and gain a great advantage over competitors.

Fast information processing, automation and improvement of business processes, powerful reporting system and easy integration of this ERP solution will help increase productivity and improve the company's business decisions.

Implementing best practices in your business

Business Central has a convenient and clear interface, with which the user quickly and easily gets an overview of all operations and reports he needs. Business Central is easy to set up and navigate and offers many powerful features, including integration with Excel.

Also, the integration of e-mail through Outlook is quite effective. When we send or receive an email in Outlook, we can click on the Business Central icon to view information such as sales, open orders, etc. We can complete a business process from start to finish without leaving Outlook. For example, a sales representative receives an email with a request for a quote, they can create and send a quote without leaving the email.

Business Central is available for work from mobile devices (tablets) on iOS, Android and Microsoft platforms.

Decision support also works great in Business Central. For example, if we prepare a sales offer for a certain product and the quantity exceeds the available stock, a warning is displayed. There is also a part of Power BI that displays trends, historical data and makes predictions. In general, a reporting tool like Power BI integrates well with Business Central and extends the reporting capabilities. In preparation for meetings, the Send to PowerPoint feature ensures that we can take a deeper look at the data displayed directly from the Business Central source as part of the presentation.

Microsoft is consolidating business applications into Microsoft Dynamics 365, allowing companies to reduce the number of systems they use. It solves many problems related to more efficient management of business processes, great success in the market for those companies that use it, and much greater possibilities in reporting and business analytics.

Using many years of experience implementing and working with the Business Central system, the Innoware team determined that Business Central, from a functional and financial point of view, meets the needs of small businesses.

Thus, the Business Central product for small businesses was created, which we offer to users in three basic packages — Finances, Trade, Personnel and payroll.

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