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IW HR & Payroll is a special Business Central* package for small businesses.

It provides personnel management and salary calculation in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. The presented functionality of the system ensures accounting, tax and management accounting, the formation of regulated and management reporting.

The solution allows effectively manage HR-related work: centralize all personnel information, track time and attendance, optimize the hiring process - monitor open vacancies and view candidates with detailed information on each person, monitor the provision of vacations, sick days and track other absences, automatically perform the salary calculation process and form regulated reporting based on the data in the system.

Package "IW Personnel and salaries" provides an opportunity to keep records of mutual settlements with workers, labor costs. All settlement processes with the company's employees are automated: from entering data on hours worked to creating documents for salary payments and generating reports to state authorities. The system works with all forms of payment used in economic organizations: salary, hourly and piecework, as well as their various variations.

The implemented flexible system of calculating the use of working time provides an opportunity using different work schedules and making changes to the standard work schedule. The software complex is successfully used in organizations with a large number of workers, as all basic documents for salary calculation have means of automatic filling and calculation. The functionality of the package is described in more detail below.

*Business Central is an abbreviated name Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP systems from Microsoft

Description of functionality

The organizational structure

The package allows you to centralize all personnel information. Maintaining a job directory and a hierarchical structure of divisions allows you to manage important information for each division, track open vacancies and the number of occupied positions in the division.

Staff schedule

Provides control of admission of new candidates for vacant positions, management of the number of open/closed vacancies, management of changes to the staffing schedule with the preservation of all archived versions. The staff schedule contains information about the method and amount of employee salary calculation, working conditions, work schedule, etc. With the help of settings in the system, it is possible to allow or prohibit the editing of the staff unit parameters during hiring. The functionality provides for the possibility of approval of the staff schedule by responsible persons. At any time, the user can generate a printed form of the staff schedule or save this information as a PDF file.

Information about employees

The "Personnel and Salary" package involves storing not only personal data of employees, but also official information. Service information in the decision contains the unit to which the employee belongs, his position and other contact information. Monitoring of the movement of personnel at the enterprise is provided, namely hiring, appointment of vacations and business trips, changes in job parameters, any absence, and dismissal.

The system also allows you to determine the availability of an employee's tax social benefit in all its variations, keep track of additional charges and deductions from the employee's salary, loans, executive letters and alimony.

The module ensures the maintenance of military records in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. The system generates all the necessary information for transfer to the military commissariat.

For the analysis of the personnel of the enterprise, the system provides the report "P-2 Personal Card".

Accounting of working hours

The module allows you to assign any work schedules to employees, including complex ones with evening and night shifts, and at any time receive information for any period about the time worked by each employee and other absences - absenteeism, business trips and vacations, holidays and sick leave in a convenient and visual way.

Working calendars

Allows the creation of various work calendars, according to the company's work rules - to include or not include holidays, out-of-hours work or a day off for one person or a group of people.

Work schedules

The system allows periodic schedules with a period from 1 to 31 days. A working time interval and a lunch break can be applied to each day. Thus, it is possible to create complex graphs of the form "a day in three" and so on. The total number of graphs is not limited.

The functionality allows you to assign schedules to a separate department or employee and to the entire enterprise.

Timetable orders

The module provides for the creation of orders to control the accounting of working hours - an order for vacation, business trip, work on a day off, other absences, sick leave. After the order is recorded, the entire history is stored in terms of the employee and the period of his absence.

For each order, it is possible to generate a printed form based on the data in the filled-in document.

Formation of report cards

The functionality allows you to keep monthly time records with detailed tracking of presence and absence in terms of time activities used at the enterprise. The ability to track the hours worked by each employee with the ability to sort by department has been implemented. The system allows you to efficiently and flexibly obtain statistics for registration and analysis of working time records, as well as for monitoring the presence of each employee.

Automatic calculation of charges and deductions

With the help of the "Personnel and wages" package, it is possible to keep records of mutual settlements with workers, labor costs. All calculation processes are automated: from entering data on the fulfillment of working hours according to the schedule to creating documents for the payment of wages. The formation of reports to state bodies has been implemented, which greatly simplifies the activities of personnel managers and accountants who are engaged in calculating salaries.

The system works with all forms of payment used in economic organizations: salary, hourly and piecework, as well as their various variations.

The functionality of the system supports a wide list of charges and deductions in accordance with the legislation:

  • Calculations of the average salary - vacation, sick leave, payment for work on a business trip, etc.
  • Calculation of the amount of other charges – indexation amount; additional payments for harmful working conditions, for work at night and on a day off; fixed premiums. Flexible setting of the parameters required for the calculation allows the user to independently make changes to the calculation functions if necessary.
  • Calculation of the amount of deductions - taxes (personal income tax, personal income tax, social security and income tax), alimony, reimbursement of executive letters.

The "Personnel and Payroll" package is also successfully used in organizations with a large number of employees, since all the main documents for the calculation of salaries have means of automatic filling.

Based on the recorded information from the "Payroll" module, it is possible to generate the following reports: settlement sheets, payment information, etc.

The results of calculations can be displayed in the form of analytical reports, for example, in Information by types of calculations, which can be flexibly adapted directly by the user.

Formation of regulated reporting

According to the results of income accounting, amounts of accrued taxes and contributions, regulated reporting is formed: Tax calculation (Appendix 1, Appendix 4, Appendix 5) and corresponding XML files for uploading to the MEDoc system. Previously, the user has the opportunity to view the generated employee records and make changes as necessary without downloading files to MEDoc.

The formation of reporting to the statistical authorities has been implemented - 1-PV (monthly), 1-PV (quarterly) and their printed forms.

Vacation reserve

The functionality allows you to create provisions for the payment of vacations for all employees of the enterprise, based on the calculation of the average salary for the employee, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Finance for the creation of these provisions. This functionality implements the creation of a vacation schedule (with a printed form) for all employees of the enterprise, the calculation of the amount of benefits, the creation of relevant postings in the system.

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