A hidden information threat.
How to protect Ukrainian business?

Information security of enterprises is an integral component of the economic independence of our country. Unfortunately, the experience of numerous hacker attacks has taught many entrepreneurs little, and bans on the use of software from Russian manufacturers have remained only on paper.

All of us are proud of the courage of our defenders, we demonstrate to the whole world our indomitability and unity, we maintain a black list of companies that continue to work on the Russian market, at the same time keeping quiet the fact that today 80% Ukrainian companies, both private and public sector, conduct their business with the help of software developed by suppliers of the aggressor country (1CBAS ERP, Galaxy, Parus, Boss HR, Bitrix24, AmoCRM, etc.).

This situation may have negative consequences for the economy of our country. By using the software of Russian suppliers in the company's activities, you:

  • you support the economy of Russia, because, despite what the local partner companies tell you, the main share of license income from the purchase of such products goes to the aggressor country;
  • you are exposed to the risk of losing all financial information at any time, and not only it. At the same time, all data about your business can be either completely destroyed or transferred to third parties outside of Ukraine;
  • become a "guide" for third-party virus programs that can harm not only your information infrastructure, but also cause significant damage to your partners and customers.

And this is only a small list of possible consequences.

There are alternatives, the main thing is not to waste time and not succumb to stereotypes. As a company specializing in the implementation of modern systems for business management for more than 20 years, we will help you in a short time to reorient from Russian software to modern software from Microsoft, which today occupies a leading position in America and Europe.

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