Alternative 1C is package solutions from Innoware developed on the platform
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central,

Innoware has developed and offers Ukrainian businesses unique, pre-configured cloud package (box) solutions that allow enterprises to switch from Russian accounting systems in a few days, such as: 1C, BAS, Galaxy, Parus, Bos kadrevoky, Monolith, etc., for managing business processes and keeping records in the international ERPcistems - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Packaged solutions from Innoware are aimed at companies of the SMB segment - the driving force of Ukrainian business, which currently supports the economy of our country. It is the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses - Ukrainian entrepreneurs - who do not "give up" and continue to actively work for the good of Ukraine, step by step bringing our victory closer: they find new opportunities, enter new markets, create new products, provide new jobs and actively finance the Armed Forces.

It is for such modern, strong, competitive Ukrainian enterprises, which are part of the national business, but see themselves in the international business community, that Innoware specialists developed cloud package solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:

Personnel and salaries

Solutions from Innoware are fully adapted to the legislation of Ukraine.

– by purchasing a license for any of the package offers, you get access to all of them functions of MD 365 Business Central, which allows you to further develop the system, applying additional capabilities as needed by your enterprise.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution for small and medium-sized businesses from Innoware is:

  1. System implementation is available. If earlier the implementation price started from tens of thousands of dollars, now you can choose a package solution from 1200$ and less, if you do not need all the services included in the packages.
    As small companies mostly do not need settings for all system modules, Innoware experts have developed 3 package solutions with settings for the most popular functions for Ukrainian businesses.
    What does it mean?
    If your company wants to abandon 1C and is looking for a system exclusively for accounting and tax accounting, you can choose a package solution FINANCES+.
    Read more about all package solutions here.
  2. Rapid implementation of the system. ERP system implementation projects for large companies can last months or even years. The package solutions for MD 365 Business Central developed by the Innoware team are already created working configurations that are ready for use immediately after obtaining access to licenses. But it is important to note that the settings are made within the functionality that is included in each of the packages. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the package that will meet the needs of your business.
  3. Convenient team training from anywhere. Along with the implementation of the package solution, you get access to training materials with everything you need to master the new system. In addition, the price includes consultations from experts who will quickly help you solve any issue. If at some point you realize that you want to organize the management of new business processes, you can configure them according to the Microsoft documentation or refer to Innoware for support services.
  4. Reduction of infrastructure maintenance costsAll data is deployed and stored in the cloud, information is available from anywhere in the world on any device and platform (Windows, iOS, Android). Continuity, reliability of work and security of data access are provided by Microsoft, which is the operator of data centers where applications and all related infrastructure are installed.
  5. Completely end-to-end processes. Allows you to build a full-fledged end-to-end accounting from the initial entry of the document to the construction of all the necessary reports. Automates all financial processes related to accounting and tax accounting. From the system, you can get both management reports and submit tax reports to the relevant state authorities.

It is impossible to live in a country that is fighting Russian aggression and use Russian software. Choose a solution by link.

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EBRD grant support
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